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Article: How does a glug jug work?

A shelf full of colourful Gurgly fish jugs
Glug Jugs

How does a glug jug work?

The fish-shaped ceramic Glug jugs have been cleverly designed inside to make a fun glugging sound when liquid is poured. Water bubbles up from the hollow tail so that when the jug is poured or righted, the liquid inside makes a gurgly glug glug noise. Not all fish shaped jugs make the glugging sound – only the ones that have the hollow tail, so it is best to check the product description when buying one, otherwise, you will not get the genuine glug glug sound.

The glug sound varies according to the size of jug you buy. The large jug makes the deepest glug sound due to the volume of water inside—1.4 – 1.4 litres. The Small (0.75l) makes a higher-pitched glug glug noise, and the cute Minis give more of a hiccup gurgling sound, as they only hold 50 ml of liquid. Each size makes the fun sound due to the method in which the jugs are made – the jug’s curved fish tail is hollow, allowing the water to bubble up through the jug. The jug’s fish tail has been cleverly designed to be ambidextrous – equally usable for both right and left-handed people, as well as suitable for children to hold.

The glug jugs have been made in lots of different Potteries in many different countries since the first glug jug appeared in the 1870’s, manufactured in Staffordshire by Thomas Forester and Son.  Different species of fish have been used, from carp to cod to rainbow trout. The jugs have been created in plain colours, hand-painted versions, and are sometimes developed using very intricate and ornate designs.

The glug jugs can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but it is usually recommended to hand-wash them so that the glazes are not damaged. It is best to tip the jug right over after washing so that no water is left in the tail.


What is the history of glug jugs?

They were developed by a company called Thomas Forester and Sons in the 1870’ s. These innovative products have been made by lots of different manufacturers all over the world for over 150 years. Their distinctive shape has made them popular with collectors from the word go.


What can they be used for?

They can be used as a water jug, wine carafe, vase, or decorative ornament – the ultimate in versatility. The cleverly designed handle (the tail) makes the jug ambidextrous.


Who do they appeal to?

All ages - they make popular presents for family, friends, and children. The gurgling sound the glug jugs emit, make people smile and are a great talking point around the table.


What glug jugs are in the Gurgly range?

Our new styled glug jug has been developed jointly by Jane and Rosie and their experienced ceramic supplier. The jugs are available in 3 sizes – Large (1.4l), Small (0.75l) and the cute Mini (50ml) and in an array of stunning colours from the classic Woodland Green and Cobalt to new vibrant Sherbet colours including Coral, Orange, and Pink. With a choice of 15 colours – Cobalt Blue, Woodland Green, Cloud, Cotton, Aqua, Azure Blue, Sage Green, Blue Grey, Duck Egg, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Coral, Apple and Slate - there’s a colour to suit everyone.


What makes these glug jugs by Gurgly so special?

Great attention to detail has been given to these new design glug jugs by Gurgly. These hand-made ceramic jugs are made using fine, translucent glazes which give the jugs a high gloss and quality finish. The fine glazing also highlights the fish scales and ensures that the glaze colours pop out.  The new styled glug jugs have been re-designed so that the jugs are both practical as well as  stylish.

 The jugs are manufactured exclusively for us by a small, professional family run business with a strong commitment to sustainability. They have cleverly developed a clay that is ecological and re-uses waste. In addition, the glug jugs are fired in an electric kiln which are deployed to run at night which utilises the Company’s solar energy produced by their solar panels. The electric kilns also ensure that the jugs are fired quickly and therefore do not appear wonky and retain an upright stance.

Situated in Portugal in a centre of excellence for the ceramic industry, the Company’s talented and experienced team, together with their efficient production planning ensure that the jugs go through a rigorous quality control process. Their strong research, development and design team guarantees that their products are innovative and at the forefront of design.


What next for Gurgly?

New colours will be introduced to the collection regularly, to keep the range up to date and to appeal to the keen band of glug jug collectors.

Other new products will join the Gurgly brand soon…


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